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A young horse who has come up through the Sportaloosa Futurity Program.

Representing the Sportaloosa in the sport of reining, competing and winning SQRHA hi point Rookie Pro horse of the year, despite being a youngster and unproven horse in his first year under saddle. (Most rookie pro horses are ready made to assist their rider’s introduction to the sport).

He is an absolute living breathing promotion for his breed!

Cayuse Up N Over

I'm nominating Cayuse Up N Over as the Sportaloosa of the year because in 2015 he has proven himself time and time again to be everything the Sportaloosa represents as a breed (minus the spots, he missed those). Hugo is a brilliant horse, he is honest, reliable, tries hard at anything put before him but most of all he is competitive. He has the ability to compete against horses that have been competing in dressage and eventing for a long time and to do well. Hugo has achieved great results this year with very little training and schooling between me completing my HSC.

Our last event for 2015 was 3 days after I had finished my last exam, an eventing competition at Tamworth International Eventing. Hugo had had very little work coming into this event but as per usual stepped up to the plate and did a solid dressage test and clear showjumping and cross country on a challenging tracked that proved to take many rails to place 2nd in the juniors and 3rd overall. Along with this result Hugo has received many places and wins for the 2015 year, to many to write down. I'm so proud and lucky to have a horse like Hugo, in the few years we have been working with each other he has taught me so much. He's put up with my mistakes which I will be forever grateful for.

He truly is a one in a life time type of horse.

Pine Row Dat's A Goer

This horse has been a Ambassador to the Sportaloosa breed, A horse that will turn to have ago at anything, he is a champion in Hacking, Show Hunter, Winning at Royal show level, Jumping, Dressage, Halter, and now later in he life we are now doing western, Trail, Horsemanship, Reining,, and he is a top games horse as well. He has been a top youth horse carrying young riders to many Hi Point awards, in the last season he won 7 Supreme Hacks or Hunter Hack and Hacking shows all over southern Tasmania. This was against all breeds.

He is the 1st Sportaloosa to win the Gold award and 7 bronze awards showing his versatility in all categories. He also a multi AAA Hi Point of Aus winner, and a AAA Champion. In the last 6 months have been hard as He foundered in Oct and in Nov, I Fractured my C1 with a fall with a young horse so the last half we have been quiet, but I hope we will be in 2016, thank you for your consideration, Carolyn Kitchener

Cayuse Bling Du Rouet

For outstanding show jumping achievements.

Throughout this year, this 16hh stallion gained a new 14 year old rider, truly displaying the awesome ability and temperament of the Sportaloosa!

TL Ima Cool Skip

In 2015 after almost 3 yrs we won our first open prep dressage in a field of warmbloods/Thoroughbreds. We managed a write up in the local paper and flew the spotty dressage flag!

Archer was purchased as an unbroken 9yr old stallion that had only ever served mares so to be taken along to dressage comps with me as his galloping housewife jockey, he epitomizes the amazing temperament these horses have!

Cayuse Kingmaker

I am nominating Nitro as he is my number one - last year he suffered an injury and was out for 9 months. He is now back in work and fighting fit!!

He will be back to his super 2014 year where he made both the RM Williams calendar and the Sportaloosa calendar - he deserves to be Sportaloosa of The Year just for being himself :)


Bred, shown and loved by an Amateur Owner Aweluminous a 2012 7/8th Sportaloosa filly has represented Sportaloosa at a total of 52 shows throughout her two year show career from regional club level right through to State and National level competition. During this period of time

Aweluminous has achieved the following: SPORTALOOSA: Accumulated a total of 642.5 lifetime Sportaloosa points (509.5 Open & 133 Amateur) making Aweluminous the second Sportaloosa in history to achieve a Gold Medallion, the first Sportaloosa in history to achieve an Amateur Halter Bronze Medallion and third highest Overall Sportaloosa. Aweluminous has also been awarded a silver medallion in led performance, a bronze medallion in open halter and won 2014 End of Year Sportaloosa awards for High Point Led Horse and High Point Overall Amateur and is currently leading these awards again for 2015.

AUSTRALIAN APPALOOSA ASSOCIATION: Accumulated a total of 436 lifetime Appaloosa points (186.5 Led Performance, 157 Open Halter & 92.5 Amateur Halter) and been awarded a Silver Medallion at Halter, Register of Merit in Amateur Halter and Hunter in Hand and a Recognition Award for lungeline and led hack. In 2014 Aweluminous was presented with the High Point End of Year Awards for Yearling Versatility and Runner up Halter Filly 2 Years and under and won Queensland High Point Yearling Versatility, Halter and Amateur Halter. In 2015 Aweluminous was awarded High Point End of Year Awards for 2 Year Old Led Performance, Runner up Overall Amateur Halter, Runner up Halter Filly 2 Years and under and Queensland High Point 2 Year Old Led Performance, Halter and Amateur Halter. Over the last two years Aweluminous has won at our National Championship Shows; Grand Champion Led Hack, High Point Yearling Versatility, High Point 2 Year Old Versatility, 1 National Open Halter Champion, 7 x National Performance Champions, 1 National Open Halter Reserve National Champion and 3 x National Reserve Performance Champions. At our State Championship Shows this amazing filly was awarded; Grand Champion Amateur Halter Mare, Equal High Point Yearling (lost on count back), High Point 2 Year Old Led Performance, 1 State Open Halter Champion, 6 x State Performance Champions, 3 x State Reserve Halter Champions and 5 x State Reserve Performance Champions.

Recently broken to saddle with 3 months professional training Aweluminous will be debuting this season as a competitive ridden horse and will continue to represent Sportaloosa in a variety of disciplines across Australia making her a true All-Around Sportaloosa and a worthy recipient of the 2015 Sportaloosa of the Year Award.

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