Announcing the 2013 Sportaloosa high point award winners

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please put your hands together for the annual Sportaloosa high point award winners of 2013!

We have a very rare tie as well as high point and runner up split by just one point!


High point led horse

We have a tie for the top award this year!   Please congratulate:

  • Fairisle Meant For Me owned and shown by Diane Johnston of Tasmania and
  • Oh So Subtle owned and shown by Katrina Lewis of NSW

Both these young horses have absolutely shone in led events over the past 12 months and we think everyone can feel good about the future of the Sportaloosa, with horses of this calibre coming through.

High point ridden horse

  • Cayuse Global Warrior owned and shown by Rebecca McDonald of NSW
  • Runner up Radically Blue owned and shown by Kristina Hulme-Moir of New Zealand

Just one point separated these 2! Two very different horses, each designed with plenty of athletic ability and matched with skilled and determined riders.  Well done!

High point amateur

  • In hand - Karen Fischer of Victoria
  • Ridden - Bronwyn Preston of New Zealand

Non-pro competitors are the backbone of any show or organisation and there's no exception here.  A special mention to our high point ridden amateur, whose achievements are being gained on the super old gentleman Joker's Deputy, now well into his twenties!

Congratulations to our high point winners and of course to all competitors…. Thank you for being a part of Sportaloosa International.

Special thanks to our sponsor Illusion Embroidery for some special prizes for all high point award winners.

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