Karen Fischer joins the 1,000 hours club

Karen Fischer & Kerrinna My Shakin AffairSportaloosa International is very proud to congratulate the first ever member of the 1,000 Hours Club, for achieving 1,000 hours in the saddle of a Sportaloosa.

Karen Fischer has been a keen participant in the Let's Ride hours in the saddle programme since 2009 and the hours she's spent riding her Sportaloosas would put most of us to shame.

Karen has been the first to achieve the 100, 250 and 500 hours in the saddle milestones and she's done it again!

Karen has joined the 1,000 hours club riding and training:

  • Kerrinna Sie My Affair
  • Oregon Park Sophie Stekat
  • Kerrinna Sweet Shakira
  • Kerrinna My Shakin Affair
  • Kerrinna Haven A Katnap

She's bred all but one of these horses herself and it's easy to see what a great job she does training and riding them by checking out her show points.

Congratulations on this terrific achievement Karen, we're all very proud of you!

The Let's Ride programme is open to all Sportaloosa members riding registered Sportaloosas. Participation is free. See the running totals here.

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