$2,000 foal futurity entries close 30 June 2015 > find out more

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Registry for Appaloosas, Knabstruppers & Sportaloosas - Sportaloosa International

Sportaloosa International is the friendly, rewarding registry for Appaloosas, Knabstruppers and other appaloosa spotted horses and ponies. It runs in Australia and New Zealand and registers Appaloosas, Knabstruppers and spotted horses all around the world.

If you own or handle / ride an Appaloosa, Knabstrupper or other spotted horse, you'll find Sportaloosa International offers:

  • riding incentives, year end and lifetime high point awards for competitors
  • hours in the saddle and handling rewards for pleasure riders and handlers
  • unparalleled promotion and rewards for smart, genuine spotted horse breeders

Sportaloosa International is proud to present an enormous (and maybe never to be repeated) prize pool for the 2015 Sportaloosa video foal futurity.

Double the prize pool

- In 2015, there's a $2,000 prize pool split among the first 4 placegetters as follows: $1,000, $450, $350, $200
- A chance to have your foal evaluated by a leading horseperson
Promotion for your breeding programme
- Publicity for the Sportaloosa sire or dam
- A magnificent perpetual trophy

Since the discovery of LP - the main gene that controls appaloosa spotting patterns and associated traits - breeders have been anticipating DNA tests for the genes that work with LP to produce white appaloosa patterning.  

Thanks to the outstanding work by the Appaloosa Project and UC Davis, the white pattern modifier gene with the largest pattern causing effect, termed Pattern-1 for “first pattern gene” or PATN1 for short, can now be DNA tested for.

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$2,000 foal futurity entries close 30 June 2015 > find out more